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Welp the 400k view kiriban games are over for now.

First, the winners for the number capturing.

for number 400,000
There are several people to send me notes for this number. (some with incorrect number)

They sent note with almost at the same time with the correct number : 400,000 views.
The picture time stamps though are at about the same time too.   
One sent in the note first and the other got the earlier time stamp.

Due to the fact that i wasn't clear with the rules before and they are really really really close with only few seconds diff, i gave the price to both of them.
400,000 views number is the main kiriban anyway..
the winners are

for number 404,404
The winner is

I might find more numbers but for now just these :)

for Raffles
Raffle winner by bakki

1st place is

2nd place is 

3rd place is

if you are in the list will contact you later on  3rd of September but feel free to contact me with DA notes for more info before then. :)

Thank you to all who participated!

Thanks the 40 watchers that participated!

I will announce the result soon.

Please read the rules.

 No need to hurry. it's a random game not a race.

So make sure you understand the rules and won't get disqualify.

Some of you got mistaken and post a comment already in the previous journal ..
Well that is alright i guess but you will have to redo that in this journal!

The 2nd Game : Free raffles 


- It will be open from  6th to 19th September. And the lotteries will be drawn on 20th.
- You will  post a single comment here And ONLY ONCE. (more than 1 comment will disqualify you).
->>> The comment must include one (and just only one please) picture from my gallery. Just pick one picture you like from my DA's gallery
           - Other than that you don't need to write anything else. But if you do please keep it short, clean and decent :)
           - Bad behavior may get you disqualified.
- You will not reply to any user's comment. (If i see that then you are disqualified)

- I will random 3 persons as the winner. (i will use a random number generator )

There will be 3 prizes
The prizes.
1st prize:  1 Quick two character picture
2nd prize:  1 Quick single character picture
3rd prize:   1 quick single character chibi

 if things goes smoothly then I might do more kiriban. So please be nice and mindful eh?

- I may change the prizes and rules according to my judgement.

- The prizes will be quick art with no BG.
- I will not show you the progress and finish it when I'm comfortable to.
- The Level of art work will depend on me (I may test something or I might spend more time with it if I like the concept). (I will make it look nice of course.)
- The price will only be Canon character from any show or an OC will
full references(pictures).
- The picture can be shipping or sexy or cute and whatever as long as it's within my commission's rules and DA's rules
- The prize isn't transferable. You will just have to say "as a gift to ___"

And again, Please use the straight-forward method I asked you to do. 
Don't note me and ask if you can or how to get the prizes. I will post who get the prizes on 20th - 22th.


bakki's Profile Picture
O xO?
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Well My name is bakki.
I'm a weird person.

I love ponies, zombies, anime and drawing.

As you see, I draw ponies :D.
And sometime some weird stuffs....

Luna is best pony! followed by AJ and Pinkie!

So enjoy :)

You can show and share these picture around, just make sure you link back to the main page :)

See you around :D

Finally have idea how to use it... I will just upload scraps :P

Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp


Requests - Closed by SweetDuke

+Current Project+
-> Little Mirror Gleam comic : paused
-> Equestria Good/Bad endings
+Future Project+
-> Cat size pony
-> pony - werewolf comic
-> CMC short manga
-> Celes and Luna manga
-> Anthro design
-> semi animated picture. (Cinemagraph)
-> Animation : Luna running cycle
-> Animation : Nightmare Walker
-> Animation : Simple animation
-> Animation : CMC - life is good
-> request/vote from watcher

Main Commission List
.. got a little too many to count - -'' I have the list tho so don't worry

Gift Art list

Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Request? No not really,
Unless it a good idea, I might put it up and see if someone wanna fund it. :P


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kelsaa42 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hey bakki, I'm sorry if its too much to ask but can you please spread news of this journal?… Vavacung is an talented artist just like yourself and many others but there's a chance she'll have to leave due to a hence that the gov at her country would block patreon and PayPal. And again, I'm sorry
LeeSomong Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  New Deviant
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I thought your bio said you love penis, but then I saw ponies. (Not that their is anything wrong with being ogre Play Time is ogre sprite )

Anyways, where do you stash all your porn?
that face XD Creepy stare 
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I really love your gallery 
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Do you take requests?
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