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June 25, 2013


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First off, yes I watch cam. I can't resist. 

These Are my thought.

non spoiler section :
I watched it With my brony brain section switched off (yes I have that and I can turn it on and off)...It's pretty okay. 
Art and animation is still MLP:FIM.
Animation is good, fluid and works very well. Nothing exaggerate or out of place. ..but it's only a bit better than the series which is kinda let down..
Art and character anatomy is pretty okay to me. Everyone is cute. I prefer this anatomy over anime or something like winx club.
Even as a brony I don't have any issue on the art style. 

The actual story is.... .... okay...I guess.. nothing stellar It's much more that of generic kids show than the series.
There are some plot holes and weird logic. It's not any worse or better than the series tho. 

But It loses to to any of the pilots and finales of mlp:fim. I expected this much for a movie.
It...feels kinda bland.. , It's human world without magic so it can't go very crazy but I expected a bit more. Thin plot is fine but this is just bland..

Sunset isn't that much of a good villain..I can feel the writer holding back...a lot trying not to make her a total villain(bitch).
It's kinda strange, she seems to be designed to be more extreme but end up bland because they want to play safe. And her introduction weak. I know she's celest's former student and she's a meanie ..but that's it. Trixie and gilda showed more personality more than her.(but well they have the mane six to cover I guess?)

I don't feel any impression or anything around the end too.. Feel like nothing happened at all.

So main things to see here is how Twi faces the human world, reintroducing the human mane casts, friendship and princess quality.  
If you are not bronies or it's not your stuff..then this movie got nothing for you..besides..... THE SONGS
The songs are GREAT. I would buy DVD just for the Songs! I like them even not as a fan. TwT Love the songs! 

I as a non brony would...give it... uh 5.5 out of 10. (for comparison I gave Raph, despicable me and  tangle around 8)
So it's pretty okay but nothing stunning. It shows cute stuff some funny moments and friendship and all that.
But nothing that impressed me ..I wouldn't give it a second watch.(except for the song parts)
I think power puff girls movie and totally spies (both are movies from series and I watch as a stand alone mind set) are much more entertaining.

But well that's just me, I'm not an expert or anything.

As a brony.. I would since there are many references to FIM and I'm excite to see them as human. 
I'm a bit disappoint about the story but there's nothing to hate about it( if you can get over love interest stuff). Give it watch. It won't kill you. They are still the mane 6 that you love.
Maybe 6.5/10? ( I would give the series pilots and finales 7-8)

If don't like princess stuff that much, I understand that they want to show the requirement of a great title and what make you worth it. But value the title before the traits is kinda weird to me.

Stop reading here if you don't want to read spoilers ..and rants..

Spoilers section + speak with brony brain section activated.

Rant time... 

first ... Those hotdogs and burgers don't look... vegetarian at all...

Seeing humanized character is fun! And they are all still the ponies we know.

But now knowing that Big mac is much younger than Cherly.. it is so..weird... very very very very weird..

Luna and Celest..are so.. ;_; ....lame but I guess I shouldn't expect milfs lol XD. 
But most girls are cute. Only one body build/template tho. No skinny or plump ..weird. 
Mens do have diff body build tho.

Oh Granny smith was thin in pony world but was old big granny in human world. Not that it's bad just kinda interesting.

Aj is the cutest one in final form to me.

I like how they make tails from the mane six hair in the final form.

So Sunset try to steal the crown to gain power but it went into the portal. The principle got the crown so to get it back both Sunset and twi must win school princess vote. ... Sunset tried to prevent twi from winning with several ways...
For someone who want to rules the world... Sunset is ... pretty weak about it. Her plans are weak and not forceful and she doesn't have that much power or anything to compensate for it. 
My friends in high school is way way way way more evil and smart ass and manipulative than her.

I would just steal the crown, or claim it was hers. I would even burn down the entire school. 

Sunset also broke friendship between the mane 6 (minus twi) with a...freaking text msg..
...Friendship is freaking easy to break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!?!??!? That's all it takes??? And noone tried to fixed it or talk about it. No concrete reason she broke it the first place too... maybe to prevent the harmony to take control better..?  Or is she just feel annoyed by it? In any case.. she was there to get the crown and rule the world that should be her first thing to do.. not..planing all this. 

One of the plan she did was making fake picture of twilight...and she use scissor..and place it on another one ...and the plan was ruined by Flash found the original picture. ....seriously... ?? 
[edited]they have HD smartphone but no photoshop ?? And how did they do it? cut it out place on scanner or photocopy machine and print it out again?? .. I mean even CMC can upload and maybe even edit their video on the net - -''ll.
And all twilight has to do was telling that she was with her friend practicing the cafeteria dance. And she has no reason to do that at all and how she was shamed with online video before and this was the same person who did it. And I expect much more from Luna.. when she accuse Twi..and when she knews twi was framed she didn't show any interest in investigating more at all..

And for snip and snail.. I feel so very bad for them...have to play thick skull villain AGAIN.
Can't they just make a new lacky?

So..bout Flash Sentry..he's...a nice guy.. a generic dreamy rock popular male character. He did enough to at least be a crush or love interest for twilight. I'm pretty okay with him. Twilight have enough reasons to like him. 
But I don't hate Flash Sentry :icontwilightshrugplz: 

Don't even think about it! by bakki

(His counterpart has nothing to do with the human one. Only remind Twi about the time she has with Flash. Nothing to ruin your headcanon here guys, What's wrong with just having a crush)

Most painful thing here is...spike ...he's very very very sweet and he gets to be....a dog.. 
He's very helpful and faithful to twilight .and he gets to be a dogs. I like him so much in this that I would rather ship him with twi than with Flash. God dam it!

Too bad sunset shimmer didn't come back with twilight .. I think she should talk with pony Celest too.
My only head canon ruined is the Bacon twilight: I want sunset to come back and have twi talk about her meat craving trouble with sunset. I need a different core story for Bacon comic...hmmm....any suggestion?

Some questions left...
does twilight human counterpart exist? where does she goes?, or twi replace her? what about sunset? 
[edited] Oh right pinkie did mention another twi...what if the doubles met..
....Wait a sec don't tell me sunset murdered her double and hide the body somewhere.. I need to draw this..

And does this mean Twi can go back every 30 moons? long is that about 2 years ?
How long sunset was there before twilight exactly...

Oh well I spent too much time on this all ready.. Tata 


If you have watch it please tell me what you think about it.
Will you watch it in the end?
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asluc96 Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
One thing is for sure, Aj sure is the cutes one :aww:

*ahem* OK, back to the point. I didn't find those plotholes THAT kind of annoying for making me rant like they did to you, sure there are plenty of those but most of the time, there alays gonna be. Maybe it was a bit rushed for not having time to explain or make happen half of the missing plots you mentioned, like why they didn't have photoshop, all that crap
As a brony or as a non-brony I'd still give it a 6 or a 7 outta 10, yeah it wasn't bad, but lacking, not that much but lacking
Still found it enjoyable, bt maybe that's because I don't pay too much attention to these kind of details, or at least not all the time like in other cases.
Oh, and for being a movie and not having any improvements on the animation overall wasn't a real issue for me, but I can understand why it may felt like a massive letdown for the rest
I totally agree here, the movie was OK, not excelent but not bad, I enjoy see the human versions of all the characters, would love see Gilda there but Oh well is ok, and the CMC are always fun to see, an Trixie Oh dear, I Love Trixie but somehow I expect her to have a relevant appearence like an opposite force against Bacon hair, but I guess is too hard have so many well developed characters in over an hour

Snips and snails.... let´s avoid that sad theme... just... sad...

Abut the ages, I guess they have to make them fit all the chars in high school, in Equestria Celestia is a HOT MILF over a million years and the CMC are learning basic things in school so well they have to put them all in one place somehow... so the canon that Big Mac is younger than Cheerly is not working for me :D

Also am NOT going to consider Sunset Shimmer a villian, Sombra has more development than her for the time he has, also was a lame demon-villian. The four Mayor villian™, won´t recognize her as part of them.
And like you I´ll love see Sunset face Celestia for what she did instead of just rebuilt the school, SHE MUST PAY!!!!!!! But at least she will end in prision for use (according to Obama) a Mass Destruction artifact to blow up part of a crowded place full with innocent poni...people

The animation is as good as the show, and that`s not a bad/good things just expect more "things" so yeah is OK

Also like Luna`s office Being all dark and shadow... but that was her mayor moment, and she was too soft... but that`s been already pointed at

So yeah, the songs are catchy and maybe would see it again in a NOT-ANY-SOON day

But all the Brony Refs make me put a lot silly joyful faces and point at the screen (That "So awesome" from RD was priceless :la:)

did you see the Principals hair making a smooth ref of a crown... well just pointing at that

and well see Twilight and Sentry together fulls me with NO no NOno nONonOnoNonONoo NO!!!!! But guess is just a crush, and the colt in Canterlot is nothing more than a reminder... Like someone said IN EqD:

"If in season 4 we see Twilight with a coltfriend you all are invited to jump from a cliff with me!"

So at the end of season 3 we see Twilight flying for the close of the Ep... who catapult her? bet was RD showing her about fly... fall... pain?

also the ref at transformers with pinkie turning into a ball was a neat move from Hasbro.

So far that`s it. Damn is a long wall text isn`t it?
StarWisherMidnight Jun 28, 2013  Student Artist
After reading your reviews and after seeing it via youtube, I won't deny any of your points. I do agree that things could've been done so much better with the movie, and Sunset Shimmer could've been a lot worse, but then again, after season 3 the villains just started getting... weak. Idk what it is, but that seems to be the trend here. and I do agree, I loved the music, especially in the cafeteria. It's the beaty music of spice girls that I can follow along with... and to be honest, I was able to bystand all the cliches and cheesy lines because I was able to stay focused on the inital and main motives of the movie, so it made it easy to follow along with. Also, being an animator, I can pretty much appreciate any show/movie that comes out because it's what I'm being trained to do :D
For me it was: meh. Below average storyline. Pinkie is still the best. And I dont hate it, but in my head this is not a part of the mlp show, just a day what we forget.
I honestly don't think the doubles have a chance of meeting.
Well at least not a very good chance.

Think about it, why did Twilight go to ponyville in the first place?
Because Celestia told her to make friends to stop Nightmare Moon. In the other world, there is no nightmare moon and Celestia isn't Twilight's teacher, and there isn't a being that has been imprisoned for 100 years looking to bring eternal night. So there is little chance that Human Twilight would ever go to that school. Which is kind of sad now that I think about it.
As for the Sunset Shimmer double.... I've got nothing.
Those are just my thoughts on the subject though. I might be over thinking things.

Aside from that, I saw the movie online since it isn't playing anywhere near where I live.
And I though it was okay, I kind of went in with the same mindset I had when I watched the first episodes of FiM, and I thought it was pretty good.
I saw the movie and honestly. I liked it, alot. I've already pre-ordered the Blu-Ray and I see myself watching it quite a few times later on. But I understand that this movie would only be entertaining to a brony because they saw the show previously and know some of the things that are going on that were explained in the show, but not in the movie like the idea of the Elements of Harmony. If people were watching this movie without seeing anything from the show, the likelihood is that they wouldn't enjoy almost anything in it (except for maybe the songs) because they wouldn't understand a lot of the humor and references that are present in the movie that the bronies would enjoy.

In terms of the story, I agree that it does have plot holes. I too wondered whether there was an existing Twilight in that dimension after watching the movie, but I never thought about the whole "Why didn't Sunset Shimmer just steal the crown from Principal Celestia" thing and I do agree. It would have made more sense to do that, but of course if that was put in the movie, we wouldn't have a movie so of course they had to drag it out so I see why it wasn't done and am able to overlook it because of that. And while I agree that Sunset Shimmer is a kind of boring villain, I really liked what she became at the end of the movie and her plan was pretty much the same as all the other villains: to take over Equestria (except for King Sombra, I don't think anyone knew anything about him other than his love for crystals). And I also have a reasoning behind why she didn't have any power. It was because she was a human. The only magical thing in that dimension was the crown and friendship. The inhabitants of that world had no real power aside from what we as normal humans have so of course she doesn't have any real power like the previous villains from the show. She doesn't get any real power until she finally gets the crown at the end of the film which only happens because the crown was one of the only things in that dimension that was magical in any sort of way.

In terms of human Celestia and Luna, I also agree. I didn't really care for them and it honestly seemed like they were only there because they existed in the pony world. While Celestia and Luna in the pony world were also side characters, they were at least interesting side characters. The Celestia and Luna in this world weren't very interesting and I felt that they were very bland. My reasoning behind why Sunset wasn't powerful also works for why human Celestia and Luna weren't interesting and it was because they were human (and principals rather than princesses) and thus had no real power that made them interesting enough to want to delve into. The Celestia and Luna of the pony world raise the sun and the moon everyday and even have an interesting history of doing that because of the whole Nightmare Moon scenario; the human versions were just in control of a school and unless the character is truly delved into, when have you found any character in their position interesting?

In terms of the text message thing, I agree and I disagree. I agree because I did find how their friendships were ruined (and why they were ruined in the first place, for that matter) to be a kind of stretch. But at the same time, I just read :iconsilverittam:'s comment and realized that miscommunication is the reason their friendships were ruined which makes sense in the real world. I'm sure that plenty of friendships were destroyed because of a series of miscommunications or even just one big one. But at the same time, I felt that the miscommunications they had weren't big enough to cause a rift in a friendship. In short, I disagree with you in terms of the reason they were no longer friends: because of miscommunication; but I agree with you in how the reason was handled: through text messages and emails that caused problems that weren't that big.

The whole Flash Sentry romance was something that I was able to ignore. I didn't hate it, but at the same time I don't feel that the movie focused on it enough for me to care about it. It was there, but it wasn't developed and that's fine with me because that means that the movie focuses more on the main storyline rather than the random romance that is sprinkled around it. And how he proved Twilight's innocence by finding the original pictures was a stretch, I'll admit. But it was one that I'm willing to overlook because it's done by magical pastel-colored ponies.

I also agree with the 30 moons thing. I never understood what Celestia meant by 30 moons. Did she mean 30 full moons or just 30 moons that translates to 30 days? Another thing that I don't remember is why Sunset Shimmer went to the human world in the first place. I don't recall anyone saying that she was banished there, but at the same time I don't remember if they gave her a reason why she went there on her own accord. But I guess the latter question is one that will be answered when I watch the movie again.

In short, I all-around enjoyed the movie and I think that most bronies will too unless they let the problems get to them and are unable to ignore them. Which is fine because a lot of people said that this movie was probably going to be a half and half just like the whole Twilicorn thing. I personally give it an 8/10 and recommend that anyone calling themselves a brony should at least give it a try.
SilverIttam Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Gosh, I love your long comment! And I do agree with all of your points. Well said.
Yay! I like it when I say things and don't sound stupid! Thanks
bakki Jun 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
heh quite a long one :D
The movie is good for kinds and not so bad for non brony parent too I think. I only expected it to be better than pilot and finale as both stand alone and as mlp movies.  I don't know what to say at "the great and powerful trixie" part. It's was funny for me but...  ... 

I hope they add some kind of requirement to get the crown and magic and play on that and give reason to sunset to do those thing.

In the movie, sunset was just a mean girl. Her goal seems to come from conflict in pony world or her loneliness I hoped they show that. 

it's kinda sad that the actual action throwing and her satan form only last for 4 mins at best. 

I don't expect anything from celestia and luna haha, they shouldn't interfere much to the story. I just hope that the art design were cuter.
But kinda sad when Luna didn't show interesting in investigating who framed twilight and deal with those previous video shaming. Those are serious bullying to me.

The text message is kinda to weak for me because: Flutt and Rare is one thing, they might get silently mad at the other. But Dash, Aj and pinkie would confront each other if not..killed each other... when something like that happened. and it would be lots of gossip too right? Dash and Aj ones involves lots of people. And the story of both side should come up pretty fast. but I might think too much... 

It's not a bad movie I suggest anyone give it a try. 
Sorry for the super long comment. As you can tell, I like to talk...a lot.
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