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CM : Candy Is Magic by bakki

Good day to you :)
I'm Glad you like my arts and would like to support me with commission.

Fluffy Luna by bakki

Guild line for commissioning    

=== 1. notes ====
When Note me about commission please prepare the following details.
- What kind of picture/set do you want to order.
- A dead-line if you have one.
- when you can do the payment transfer.
- All the reference you think it will help me.
- Your best and short description of the picture you want. The feeling and emotion, scenario and a few sentence of the story.
- and of course the characters' names and background in case of OC or non MLP (in case I've never watch the show)
- You can give me photo that you like me to follow in any aspect such as angle, component, color tone and so on.
- If you have hair styles, dresses, jewelries, building you like me to try give the picture to me to. I can either follow it and tweak it the way you want.
- Use pony creator to better describe your oc and such
- If you have specific use or want to, What will you use it for? i.e. a Gift, Profile Icon, channel or CD cover, picture for a story, desktop and etc. I might give me better idea how to draw it.

=== 2. payment ===
Please transfer half or all of the accepted rated before I start doing line-art. And all before I do coloring.

------>Paypal Only<------

I will keep adding examples.

for now here: commission Gallery for example and reference (NSFW)

The price 

For basic size of around 1000x1000 px framesize

Simple price here
Full Color : Face shot -> $12
Dragon Pony by bakki

Full color : Full body -> $28
Commission: SPOON! by bakki

Background(full color) + $10
Commission: Midnight Date by bakki

Additional chars(full color)  + $10 per char (only up to 3 character)
KickAss by bakki

=----------------Special set right now----------------=

A.Free Gift Art (1 free face shot commission) per 2 non face shot/quick commission
Dew Droplet by bakki

B.Simple Chibis set 3 characters - $15
Big head ponies by bakki

C. 2-Character commission discount
Full color 2 characters with BG : $42 usd ; without BG $35
CM: Cooking Candy by bakki

D. Quick picture
Speed order and Not so clean and there will be no fixing and only do OC with fully ref
You tell me what you want, I read and ask for confirmation, you send money, I sent back picture and done.
$8 per character
FlutterDash by bakkiMidnight Blossom by bakki

Non pony and NSFW

Non Mlp commission is + $5
Anything that get Mature tag on DA is + $5
The picture Streaming/Recording + $? depends on time it should take
vectorized cel color + $5-10 (please tell me before hand)

But don't do anything explicit, you can try asking me how far I can do :P

Some special discount

When all Canon characters from shows   (no for quick commission)           -$2
when the picture has Princess Luna                 -$2

Just Note me on DA with details or question :)

We can discuss and plan things out.

Please do not show my WIP without permission

---- How I work ---
Some note on how I works. I upload "wip" on DA and then to send you with notes.
I normally show you a few drafts to chose from. And see what to change and such. Then I show the line-art step for final check and see what to add or remove. Then I do coloring in one go. And the add minor detail you may want to add.
"work in progress" and Any unused pieces that doesn't lead to the final piece can't be used by you to give to other to start from and such or uploaded to any site unless you decide to pay for them. when you pay for them you can use them, but I still can use the unused draft in the future too.

If you say I'm free to draw or design something (poses and dresses and what not), I might not going to change that part (unless it's bad or conflict with some details.). So please do try to be specific. 

When I let you see draft and lineart for you to check, please list every changes and fixes as many as possible in one go.  And please do suggest and correct me, sometime I might not notice some faults. So the process can be faster :)


More commission details
Please read

Type 1. Face shot / shoulder up per pony

- Line-art                $5 
- monochrome         $7
- color single shading(Cell shade)                $9 (will add example later)
- Full/soft color          $12

----------Face shot Example---------
(All Full color)

Shantea pony by bakkiHmph ! by bakki(O []O)! by bakkiThe Great and Powerful Short Hair Trixie by bakki
Surelock by bakkiRarity by bakki


Type 2.Full body/ Activity/ Interaction
 full body posing or picture of a pony(s) doing something 
-lineart                                   $15 
- monochrome                            $18
- color single shading(Cell shade)     $20
- Full/soft color                         $28

---------Full body Example---------
(All Full color)
CM: That Flutter in your heart by bakkiCommission: Derp Knight Rise by bakki

Commission : DJ PINKs by bakki

CM:The Fight for Friendship by bakkiHello Twilight by bakki

Another rift by bakki

Luna by bakki


Object And Background And complexity

Dress/Clothing/Armour/Weapons and objects
If they are not hard and only few then free. 
If they are hard with patterns and strict then $1 -> $?? depending on the complexity.
Well normally I don't charge more. Simple dress and shirt or lingerie or Armour and normal sword and simple stuff are free. But if it's a hard gun, a hard machinery or  high class and hard fluffy dress or complex object then I might ask for an increase.

- transparent   -> Free
- quick coloring with no object -> Free
- simple coloring pattern   -> Free

Background is basically more objects so a little of them is free, simple clouds a bit of grass, table and so on.

With details about this much Then $10  (Filled BG with several objects, main focus is the chars)
Commission: Thank you for letting me stay! by bakki commission: Lyra's Fortress of Solitude by bakkicommission: Story Time by bakki Commission: Hide and Seek with Papa by bakki

sample of free BG
Commission: BlackBird by bakkiCommission: Silver Tongue by bakki

Commission: Crystal by bakkiBat Pony by bakki

More than 1 Character

Additional character in each picture  --> $10 per character
it depends on proportion of the characters 
So It may vary.
let's say big part of the picture then $10Commission: Under the Moon by bakki

Small part like the baby here would be cost less (include as BG price/count as object) You are the FATHER! by bakki

---------------Harder picture------------------
Something you want me to give it my all.

Harder Picture -  something that is in 
harder perspective 
higher level of detail (equal to bigger picture) and neater
bigger final size
scenery(background focus picture) 
an army of character (4+ characters )

For ones like these, note me. It might be $60++. 
Just ask first :) sometimes normal price BG has enough details.

--Some Harder ones---
Brewing by bakki
Commission: Those you hold dear - Part 2 by bakki
MLP : School end by bakki
Commission:  Ethepony and Greyscarf by bakki

Brewing : monochrome by bakki
UE e by bakki

Regarding Original Characters (ocs)

If you give enough references, I don't charge anything.
if it takes a lot time to design and correcting then I might charge $5-$10


Depends on panels and such : 
But here would be around $50
more page then cost less.
just notes me and I will estimate the price, if I love it I will reduce the price. :D
MLP-FIM : MAYORS by bakki      MLP Fim : Luna at the Gala by bakki

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But one day im gonna have enough money for it!!
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If I can come up with something, I'll send you something in the next couple of days. ^^
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My face is smooth like a baby's butt. No priority for me :(
bakki Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
bakki Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
All reserved slot please note me back if you still would like to commission me.
And please include my reply that I have put you in reserved.

Reserved and Old faces get priory on slots :)
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